Maine Hosta Society


The Maine Hosta Society promotes the appreciation, knowledge, and cultivation of Hostas, while fostering camaraderie and fellowship among its members. Our Society stresses the importance of Hostas as friendly and versatile perennials forming an integral part of gardening and landscaping.

Hostas & Perennials—Ted White's Garden

Hosta Cultivation Guide

Blue Cadet Hosta — Igor Viznyy's Garden

In order for your hostas to thrive, you need to provide them with enough nutrition. Fertilize them in the spring with a slow-acting fertilizer. Also mulch your hosta with compost.

Place your hostas in partial shade. About 4 hours of morning sun would be ideal sun exposure. To date, there are no hostas that can grow normally in full sun.

To keep your hostas from suffering from thirst, water them about once a week. However, check the soil before watering. If it is 1 inch or more dry, only then water.

Before planting, prepare a mix of native soil and oragantic matter, such as compost. This kind of potting soil will be the perfect medium for your hostas.

Viles Arboretum

An ongoing mission is the sponsorship and maintenance of an extensive Hosta collection at the Viles Arboretum in Augusta, Maine. Identification markers provided by our Society help the visiting public to better understand and appreciate Hostas.

This Hosta collection was a gift in 1992 from the Arnold Arboretum in Boston and has been expanded annually since then. For its members, the Society disseminates Hosta information and event details through Spring, Summer, and Fall Newsletters, along with lists of the June auction Hostas and their descriptions. The Maine Hosta Society supports the goals of the American Hosta Society as a part of the Northeast Region One.

'Goodness Gracious'—Peter Young's Garden